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  • Bookkeeping service

    Accounting services

    • Simplex accounting for practitioners, crafts businesses, and free occupations
    • Double accounting for medical institutions, ltd. and simple ltd.
    • Consultation services

    Earnings and personnel records

    • Personnel registration with pension and health insurance
    • Wages accounting in accordance with the latest legislation (Labor law, collective agreement, book of regulations)
    • Fill-in Statement on receipt, income tax, local income tax and compulsory insurance contributions (known as JOPPD Statement) and deliver the statement to the Tax Department via their Internet service e-porezna
    • Listing of annual wages report (IP report) for each employee consistent with the Law
    • Fill-in statistical form RAD-1G
    • Accounting traveling orders, local drive (keeping evidence of traveling orders)

    Accounting specifics for free-lance occupations and craft businesses

    • Receipt and spending book (KPI)
    • Fixed asset book with amortization accounting
    • VAT accounting
    • Incoming invoice book (UR-a)
    • Outgoing invoice book (IR-a)
    • Claim and liability book
    • Annual income tax return (DOH form) for self-employed occupations and craft business
    • Account of Chamber and other contribution

    Specificity of medical institutions, simple ltd. and ltd. books

    • Incoming invoice book (UR-a)
    • Outgoing invoice book (IR-a)
    • VAT accounting as well as delivering the tax statement to the Tax Department via their Internet service e-porezna
    • Bank statements and cash accounting
    • Fixed assets list with depreciation accounting and inventory
    • Listing of Inventory lists
    • Entering annual statements for medical institutions (PR-RAS, Balance of accounts, Liabilities)
    • Completing the GFI form for statistical and public publication (LTDS)
    • Profit loss account
    • Balance of account
    • Profit tax on PD form
    • Notes for financial statements
    • Chamber contribution accounting
    • Other statistical and public proclamation necessities