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    Online Exams Program

    *Saas our OpenErp version 6.1

    Exam Management

    Our OpenERP* enables the editing of exam schedules, participants, lecturers, questions, answers, and all other relevant information. This backend system provides a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of the exams.

    Application Form

    Participants fill out an online application form for the exam. This process is simple and intuitive, allowing participants to apply for the exam in a few easy steps from any device connected to the Internet.

    Sending Exam Access Link

    3) Once the list of participants is ready and organized, unique exam links are sent to each participant separately via the OpenERP backend, ensuring individualized access for each participant.

    *Saas our OpenErp version 6.1

    Email message

    Each participant receives a unique link to access the online exam. This link allows participants to access the exam at the scheduled time.

    Exam Start

    The participant starts the exam via the link using a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

    The Exam

    Participants solve and finish the online exam when they are ready or when the pre-set exam duration expires.

    Exam Reporting

    Immediately after the completion of the exam, the participant’s score is displayed. The exam administrator can retrieve the results (answers) in the OpenERP* backend, and print out the record and fill out the confirmation form (NN).

    *Saas our OpenErp version 6.1