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    Designed for health ecology services with laboratories, the program monitors or records the procedures applied in all laboratories, from taking samples to printing out the results and the user profile.

    Regardless of the type of analysis we perform, in the laboratories, we monitor the processing of food samples, drinking water, surface water, wastewater, and water from swimming pools, wells, and jacuzzis.

    You can see one of the views of our form for downloading samples in the picture below, on which there are fields of the person taking the sample, the place/location of sampling, the object from which the sample was taken, information about the requester and the reason for requesting the search.

    We do not forget commercial data such as the responsible person, owner, user, supplier, the payer of correct or incorrect analysis, contract, purchase order, minutes, and even the invoice/offer itself (if necessary).


    Test parameters according to the types of analysis are pre-installed in the program (by the user’s expert staff), which is visible both on the screen and on the test report.
    For physical and chemical analyses, see Name of analysis, Used method, JM, Reference values, Measurement result, Non-conformity, Correctness, Description field, information on Measurability (if printed), whether the method is accredited, information Assessable and whether it is subcontracted.

    The microbiological table of water findings shows Types of analysis/search, Method, JM, Lower limit, Upper limit, Result, Measurement uncertainty, Validity, Description field, whether the data was Measured, whether it should be printed, whether the method is Accredited, the data is Evaluable and is it subcontracted.

    After entering the measurement results, the program itself offers correctness ratings, depending on the reference values.

    When performing tests for the technical correctness of the object, the program can generate a test report with a joint opinion for several samples.

    If necessary, the program enables the recording of composite water samples from the same sampling location.

    For all conclusions of various analyses as well as organoleptic tests, which are normally filled with free text, the program offers predefined texts.

    For prints, when determining the final, the program takes into account that up to 25% of the tested samples may be of unacceptable microbiological purity.

    The program generates printouts of work orders, test reports, and invoices/payment slips in PDF format.

    The findings can be delivered to multiple locations.

    Examination report

    It provides online information about samples taken by individual laboratories and the current status of reports (findings).

    The program can duplicate old requests, so the user can quickly enter multiple samples (locations) from the same requester.