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    Our programs and modules

    Integriran poslovni i medicinski informatički sustav sa svim službama i djelatnostima u jednoj bazi podataka, razvijen na platformi OpenERP 6.1.

    ERP = BIS + MED

    Integrated business and medical information system with all departments and divisions in one database


    Providing reception for patients and delivering their test results (findings)


    The clinic, vaccinations, sanitary cards, minimum hygiene courses, DDD, HACCP…


    Examination of water, food, and microbiological cleanliness of facilities


    Visits, cards, reports, statistics…


    Disinfection, desinsection, deratization

    We are licensed for “Cezih”

    Program support

    For microbiology, non-hospital specialists, general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dental medicine…

    During the year 2007, the Croatian Ministry of Health granted us a license to use our program, Aw-Ord 2.0 on the Windows platform, for dispensaries in primary care. We renew those licenses periodically by “Program consistency check” in organizations of Croatian Health Insurance Company and Croatian Public Health Organization, under the authority of the Croatian Ministry of Health, and results of all checks can be followed on www.cezih.hr

    System delivery


    If you use our Apli-module in the Cloud (SaaS contract), you do not need to have your own server. You pay us only a fee for program use, while the program runs on our Data Center located server. Our program is accessible via a link, a username, and a password, and if you require a more secure level of security, we provide an alternative via a protected channel/tunnel of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


    We configure and deliver servers with installed Linux OS and all needed programs, ready to use. Under the principle of “key in the hand”, the servers are installed and delivered to your LAN. If there is only one physical server, it is divided into 3 virtual servers: Nginx, PostgreSQL, and OpenERP with contracted Apli-modules.

    About us

    Aplikacija d.o.o.

    We are a small 7-employee IT company focused on the development of ERP systems, especially for medical and public sector branches. Our primary goal is to provide General hospitals, Public healthcare centers, and County health centers with reliable, quality, and cost-effective IT solutions.