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    DDD – disinfection, desinsection, deratization

    Google Play Store

    Google Play

    Our mobile application is available on Google Play. For full functionality, you need to request a link to the demo server from us, which can be easily added to the application settings. In the background, OpenERP* is operational, providing a stable and reliable platform for work.

    *Saas our OpenErp version 6.1


    Electronic signing within the application is as simple as receiving a postal package. Our intuitive interface allows quick and easy user signing, saving time and increasing productivity.

    Document Sending

    Sending signed documents from a mobile/tablet in PDF format has never been easier. Our mobile application allows you to send documents to another mobile/tablet, email, WhatsApp, Viber, and other platforms, making it easier to share with users and access important documents on the go.

    Other Features

    Accessing the application via a tablet or mobile allows you to work in the field without the need for a computer.
    Auto-suggestions while working with the application make it easier to work within an interface designed to quickly find what you are looking for. Searching for old documents (work orders, confirmations, invoices) enables you to always have access to stored data. The ability to print invoices on any portable or stationary printer provides flexibility in all situations.