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    Key functionality

    Web service for patient data

    Web service for patient data

    Patient data is accessed and updated as necessary through a national Web service. In this service, medical staff receives the first name, last name, gender, date of birth, SSN, insurance category, insurance policy number, validity dates, and some additional comments relevant to treatment. To activate the web service, you need a medical smart card, a card reader, and an Approved certificate.

    1 click on the request

    1 click on the request

    Requests are recorded by clicking a button like a check box, which activates predefined normative services and materials. At the same time, laboratory work orders and invoices are automatically generated.

    Sample sticker

    Data selection with barcode scanning

    A quick way to find/use data is by scanning a bar code from a sample container, work order, or referral. Work orders can be printed on paper or labels. The barcode is printed in both cases. By printing on paper you can choose a letter (DIN-A4) and/or small (DIN-A5) format.

    Specialist reports

    Specialist statistics

    The service/material of financial statistics and natural statistics is made with many filters by reports:

    • Microorganisms and sample types
    • Microorganism (bacterium)
    • Requests (serology)
    • Samples
    • Antibiotics
    • Requests
    • Patients
    • Laboratory protocols
    • Samples organized by referrals
    • WHOnet report

    Decentralized sample takeovers

    Dislocated sample takeovers

    It allows remote sample takeovers (by epidemiology teams, for example), and sends medical results to those who took samples. This option is settled under the same virtual roof as your epidemiology department, remote laboratories, and billing department. In case you need another sample takeover point, all you need is to open a new user and give him a computer with an internet connection.