Personnel records

The personnel records module is based on the stored structure of the company in the form of systematization of RM, physical locations, and departments/activities.

Data on workers are kept according to the Rulebook on the Content and Method of Keeping Records on Workers (in Croatia), which entered into force on March 28, 2015 (about 60 fields, some of which are of course mandatory).

In addition to general/personal data, the module chronologically displays data on:

  • Assignment to workplaces
  • Education
  • Permits
  • Workbook
  • Social data
  • Medical examinations
  • Additional data
  • Travel orders
  • Contracts and solutions
  • Presences and absences
  • Annual vacations

An example of the program’s work is the vacation module, where the process goes like this:

Once a year, the procedure “The right to annual leave” is activated, during which the program generates the days of GO (annual leave), which, based on the given criteria, is realized by the employee (legal department, rulebook on GO). These criteria can be:

  • Legal minimum: usually 18 or 20 days
  • Professional education level: MA University Degree 4 days, BA University deegree 3 days, Secondary Education 2 days…
  • Work experience: 5-10 years 2 days, 10-15 years 3 days, 15-20 years 4 days …
  • Work in difficult conditions (shift, rotation, on-call): 2 days
  • Parenting: one child 2 days, 2 children 3 days, three children 4 days…
  • Maintenance of a disabled family member: 2 days
  • Other rights: x days

When the number of days of annual leave that a worker achieves in one year is determined, the program records the Use of annual leave of each worker. After approval of the annual leave by superiors, the program generates a Decision for each use. In this way, the balance of rights, used and unused annual leave days for each year is always visible and easily accessible. The form for assigning rights, whether they are assigned automatically or manually, is attached.